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Let us help you with all your questions about Canada's immigration system and possible paths with the help of the best licensed immigration consultants in Canada

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Are you looking to study in Canada? There are many options, paths, and requirements that we can help you with to make your experience easier.

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For all your business needs in Canada. We can be a helping hand and a great representation of your business or investments inside Canada. Check with us today how we can support.

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Applications and forms can be hard to manage. We help you fill these applications and assist you with the related required translation.

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Our services to help Canadian newcomers offer immediate assistance as they land and extend the support to guide families and individuals to start their Canadian journey.

Who we are

A group of experts with over 20 years of experience came together to offer unique services to help those aiming to come to Canada to live, study, or invest.

We established Canada’s Gateway Newcomer Services as there is always a need for good resources and support to newcomers, so we took it upon ourselves to present a reliable Canadian company to guide and help families or individuals start their journey in Canada the right way with the right helping hand.

If you are planning to either move to Canada to settle, study, or to invest your money. We made it our goal at Canada’s Gateway Newcomer Services to use our expertise and skills to provide the support needed for you to succeed.

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How do we help?

We partner with Canada’s best advisors for real estate, commercial investments, and financial and business planners to make sure we meet all your needs.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to consult with the best immigration lawyers and advisors available in our network.

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to support those looking to get into Canadian universities and colleges with immediate access and help in all related applications and processes.

Why choose Canada’s Gateway Newcomers Services

Being a Canadian company with a local team that knows how to operate and navigate guarantees that your requirements are met with high standards.

We enable you to do your business while consulting with the best immigration advisors, real estate agents, and accounting firms in Canada. And when needed, we can represent you within Canada to ensure credibility, and save you from any fraud and manipulation.


Immigration Guide

There are different ways to immigrate to Canada. The eligibility for each application is different and so are the requirements. We guide our customers and help them find answers to all their questions while they explore applicable immigration paths.

Go to our Immigration Guide and check your eligibility to immigrate to Canada

Study in Canada

For decades, Canada has welcomed international students from around the globe. Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world to study. Students in Canada are recognized for their education by the top companies and institutions in the world.

Learn more about studying in Canada and check your eligibility.

Business & Invest

Visit our business centre and learn more about how Canada's Gateway can help you start and grow your business in Canada.

Canada’s economy is highly developed and is one of the largest in the world. In 2020, the country’s annual gross domestic product (GDP) was reported at 1.64 trillion USD, according to the latest available World Bank data. That makes Canada the ninth-largest economy in the world. Let us help you explore your paths and opportunities to grow in Canada.

When considering Canada, you are considering one of the world’s most premier locations for business investments. With an exceptional financial system and world class infrastructure, Canada is known for innovation in a wide range of sectors. We are here to help jump start your business plans and needs in Canada through our wide range of experienced professionals.

Application & Translation Centre

Newcomers to Canada play a key role in making communities and economies strong and prosperous. The contribution to Canada’s rich cultural diversity enriches social and economic lives and enhances creativity, innovation, and connection to global networks.

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Newcomer Assistance

Newcomers to Canada have always been a key role in making communities and economies strong and prosperous. The contribution to Canada’s rich cultural diversity enriches social and economic lives and enhances creativity, innovation and connection to global networks.

Are you or your family arriving soon in Canada and need help settling in? Learn more about our exclusive services for newcomers.

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